TOEFL test


The TOEFL test is not a Cambridge exam. The TOEFL test is administered by ETS and is used primarily for US University admissions for international students.


Time for TOEFL. Close your eyes, ladies.

Time for TOEFL. Close your eyes, ladies.


The TOEFL IBT is an anchor English language test with an entirely different philosophy and format from the familar Cambridge formats.

Whatever your level, the TOEFL course with The Passionate Shepherd will improve your skills in:

  • critical reading and listening;
  • grasping, summarizing and synthesizing information;
  • identifying and rendering similar or opposing points of view;
  • argumentative writing and creative writing;
  • expressing youself in 1,5 min.;
  • handling controversial questions;
  • dealing with unfamiliar Latinized vocabulary or campus scenarios.

TOEFL is a psychometric exam, so speed and agility of the mind are of the essence.


TOEFL-the Bulgarian way

Bulgarian outlaws-haidutsi.